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New music in production

Yes, it's true... new Murmurs of Earth music coming soon.

Following on from the hugely success appearance at the Dave Charles Extravaganza on Sept 1st, Geoff and Tenek ( have decided to end on a high note and put Tenek on an extended hiatus to concentrate on other musical projects. This nicely coincided with me being able to free up more time, so I travelled up to Geoff's studio yesterday to work on new Murmurs of Earth material. And it's sounding pretty good, if I say so myself. Delightfully, I've managed to persuade Geoff to provide his vocals to the tracks we are working on which takes the material in a very new and exciting direction. Geoff is doing his usual first class job of translating the raw material of my songs into something rich and professional sounding.

We are hoping that the new tracks, which will be available exclusively through this site before anywhere else, will be available before the end of the year. We will keep you posted on details as they emerge.

Geoff's fabulous future retro studio full of wonderful equipment ideal for a synth geek like me.

Go steady out there.

Very best,


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