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New single released ;-)

Hello and welcome to our first blog. I'm intending for this to be at least a monthly update on all the mischievous and magical things we get up to as we try to produce more and more music.

With the (modest) success and (very positive) feedback surrounding our debut single 'Take It All' in the autumn of last year, we are very proud to announce that our new single "Wasting My Time', is now available for download from our website. This, like 'Take it All' before it, features the sublime vocals of Carly Mahoney.

The single will be available on iTunes and almost every other music site later in June.

We have already started to pick up quite a lot of interest from radio shows in the UK and Europe and we are currently negotiating some live radio appearances to publicise the single. More on that when dates are finalised.

I wrote 'Wasting My Time' during the summer of 2015 and I am delighted how the final track has worked out. It sounds exactly like I had heard in my heart when I first started to write the track. Phoenix FM recently called the track 'uplifting'.

I am unsurprisingly keen to get 'Wasting My Time' heard by as many people as possible. The biggest challenge for any musician is actually getting their music in front of as many people as possible, so please feel free to support us by spreading the word.

Hope you like the new single and let's keep in touch.

Very best wishes

Richard Sinclair

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